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How Many Sessions Do You Offer & How Long Is Each Session? - Each summer we offer 2 sessions.

Each Session is 2 weeks in length starting from 9 A.M until 4 P.M.


Do You Offer Babysitting For Before & After Camp Hours? - Yes we do. Babysitting hours start at 7:30 A.M until 5:00 P.M. If a different time arrangement is needed please inform us and we'll try to accommodate you. (Please note: extended hours are at an additional fee)


How Do I Arrange Babysitting For My Child? - On your registration form under the "additional childcare" section please select "yes". On the first day of camp for sign - in there will be a form available regarding hours/days, etc.


When Does Registration Begin & How Do I Register My Child For Camp? - Registration opens up to the public as of June 1st, 2021.  There are a few ways to register.


1. You can download the form, fill it out and mail it with a cheque made out to "Theatre Street".

Please do NOT mail cash. Cash that is mailed will neither be accepted nor accountable for.


2. You can obtain a form by calling the  Studio directly. This is the more advised method of registering as it will guarantee your child a spot without the delay of mailing.


What Method of Payment Do You Accept? - We accept cheques and cash only. Please note you may make your payment in cash HOWEVER it MUST be done directly at the Studio via the owner, Carson Cooper ONLY. If you wish to pay using cash please contact us prior to bringing that type of payment. Please note any NSF cheques will be charged a $25.00 NSF fee and registration will not be processed until the payment has cleared.


Please Note: Because our Program is limited, once you've registered for camp, fees are non-refundable and non-transferable regardless of notice or reason.



My Child Is A Beginner/My Child Is Advanced Regarding The Core Classes Does That Matter? - Our Program caters to all abilities. We have campers that have years of vocal, dance or acting training and we have campers that have never stepped foot in an arts class or on a stage. All abilities/ levels are adhered to and challenged to grow and develop even further in our fun, friendly learning environment.


Why Does Your Program Have Limited Enrollment? - At Theatre Street Music, we know every student and camper personally, by name. They are not "a number in a crowd." We care about their development as artists and as individuals. In order to give students and campers the full attention they deserve and require to excel we keep our program limited. Doing this has allowed our students and campers to flourish. That is always our goal.


What Should My Child Bring To Camp Each Day? - Campers will need to bring a lunch each day including snacks as we have 2 snack breaks during the day in addition to their lunch time. We highly recommend healthy lunches including a water bottle to keep their hydration and energy as they will be active all during the day. We will try to spend some time outdoors for fresh air so please pack sunscreen and/or hats/sunglasses for your child to accommodate.



NUT ALLERGY: Theatre Street Music is Absolutely 100% peanut/nut free. We have clients that are severely allergic to nut products. Any peanut/nut products will be confiscated to ensure the safety of our students. Parents will then be called to provide their child with an alternative.


What Should My Child Wear To Camp? - Campers should be dressed in comfortable clothing that they can move in as they will be dancing,acting and participating in a lot of movement based activities. Please have your child wear tights or shorts if they will be wearing skirts or dresses to camp so as not to inhibit movement. If your child has dance socks/dance footwear we recommend they bring it, however dance footwear is not mandatory.

Morning Drop Off - Please note that the Camp doors open in the morning NO EARLIER THAN 8:45 a.m and end of day is NO LATER than 4:10 p.m unless babysitting has been prearranged. Campers that are earlier or later than the scheduled camp hours will be subject to babysitting fees due to staffing.


​End of Day Pick Up Procedure - Campers will need their parent to inform an instructor when they are leaving camp. We will have a staff member assigned by the door at the end of the day for this to be as efficient as possible. For the safety of our campers please inform us before the end of a camp day if someone other than their parent/guardian will be picking them up from camp. This can be done in the morning with one of our staff or through a phone call/voice mail during the day. The safety of our campers is of the utmost importance to us which is why we request this notice.


What Is Your Policy On Electronics/Cell Phones/Ipods Etc? - All electronics including cell phones, Ipods, Ipads,video gaming devices, etc ARE NOT permitted at camp. Our campers will be too busy showing off their creative talents to need them ! This policy is to ensure that campers are not distracted during class. If a camper brings any of the above devices it is at their own risk Theatre Street Music is not responsible for damage or loss of said items.



What Is Your Policy On Behaviour and/or Bullying? - At Theatre Street Music we require that our campers treat themselves,the facility, other campers and the staff in a polite, respectful, safe manner. If a camper is being consistently disrespectful, disruptive or unruly, this may result in parents/guardians being called and if necessary a camper being excused from camp for the day. If their behaviour is deemed problematic to the well being of the program, facility and the other campers then a camper will be asked to leave the program without refund. Theatre Street Music has an absolute zero tolerance for bullying of any kind. Our program encourages children to feel safe and comfortable to be creative and learn free from fear of antagonistic behaviour from others.


Please Note: At Theatre Street Music we also reserve the right to remove a camper from our end of camp performance due to any infringement on our respect, behaviour / bullying policy to protect the performance, program and campers. No refunds will be issued if a camper is removed.


Will My Child Have Performance Homework? - Yes. Although our campers never think of it as "traditional homework" because they love to do it! Campers will be given "assignments" like practicing the dances they learned in class or reading over their lines in the show or even singing their solos at home to memorize them. Because our program is performance based in a short duration of time we will be assigning some things for them to do at home when they have a bit of free time. This will benefit their performance immensely. Please make sure your child spends a bit of time reviewing their show "homework" in the evening.


The Performance will take place on the Saturday after the final day of camp.
Please note: Saturday is not a full camp day but only a few hours. Exact times will be given during camp. The show will take place mid afternoon.


If for any reason a camper is unable to attend the performance please let us know immediately. When dealing with a scripted show the absence of a cast member unexpectedly can cause major problems and duress for a show.


Will My Child Have A Role In The Show? - Absolutely. Every camper will be given the chance to shine ! Every camper will get to sing, dance and have lines in the show. We create an original script so that every camper has the opportunity to be a star !


If you have any other questions or concerns regarding our program please feel welcome to contact us at the Studio. We'd like to thank you for you interest in Theatre Street Music !!







Music &Performing Arts Studio


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