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"Our daughter loves her time with Carson, and knows that she is increasing her musical skills with every music lesson. Carson’s positive attitude and continuing support is incredible."

Dr. Tomlinson, Ph.D., Psychologist and Educational Consultant

What age should my child start music lessons?

Students usually begin private music lessons at age 5 - 9 years of age. That being said, we recognize that every child is different. Mozart could read and write music at age 5! We are happy to discuss your child's individual circumstances.


Do you teach Adult students?
Yes. We teach a mix of Adults who love to sing but didn't have a chance to learn when they were younger, and Adults who are trained performers looking to take their skills to the next level.

Do you offer a trial lesson?

Absolutely. Students begin with a paid trial period of 4 classes. This gives them the chance to experience what regular music lessons are like and if it's a good fit for both the student and the teacher.

What types of songs with they be learning?

All of our students will learn to play or sing songs that THEY enjoy. We teach pop, rock, country, jazz, classical, and music theatre. Every style and song is welcomed and encouraged. We also use method books to guide students in their at home practice.

Do students learn technique and fundamentals?

All of our students learn the vital skills, techniques and foundations for becoming excellent musicians. Classes are all encompassing. They learn to read and write music, identify through ear training, as well as performance skills.

Do you offer recitals?

We do! Theatre Street Music offers 3 recitals per year. This allows our students to celebrate their achievements in front of an audience of family and friends.

Are recitals mandatory?

Never. Students are always encouraged and challenged to achieve goals, however performing is not imposed on anyone.

I want my child to pursue Royal Conservatory of Music. Do you offer this?

Yes. We have students that learn the Royal Conservator Curriculum in lessons and take exams. Our students are incredibly prepared and have done exceedingly well.

I want to prepare for a singing audition. Can you help me with this?

Certainly! We have many students that have auditioned for all types of singing roles. Our classes have allowed them that "extra edge" to showcase their strengths and talents.

When can I start lessons?

You can begin lessons at any time during the year. Please be aware that the studio schedule fills up quite quickly so don't delay !

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