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A boutique learning enviroment where every child gets to be a star
"Every singer, every musician, every person is different.

They are uniquely their own self with their own unique talent.

I have never believed in the "cookie cutter" method.

At Theatre Street Music we encourage individuality and strive

to nurture that in a fun, relaxed and very musical atmosphere. Always."
~ Carson Cooper

 Carson Cooper 
  Owner/Director of Music & Performance Education

Carson has trained extensively in Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz & Musical Theatre, performing for audiences in Canada and the U.S. for the last 25+ years. Twenty of which she has been playwriting and directing performances. Having studied her craft both at Mohawk College & Redeemer University, she also holds a teaching certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Carson was awarded "Vocal Coach of the Year" from the Rogers' Music Fest and is McMaster University's "Idol" Singing Competition Adjudicator. She directed Broadway's Peter Karrie youth choir and is a guest lecturer for schools in Hamilton, Brantford & Cambridge. And the current In-house vocal coach for Hive Recording Studio in Hamilton.

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